"NAIS and its member schools recognize the importance of environmental sustainability, both in what we do and what we teach. Habitat Heroes is a great way to engage and entertain our younger students while teaching important lessons about sustainability, civic engagement and technology" 

Paul Miller, Global Initiatives, National Association of Independent Schools (USA).

“Habitat Heroes is a great resource for children and parents in that it addresses the three key facets in developing well-being. It educates children about the issues, it empowers them to take action and encourages them to engage in pro-social behaviours. This combination, delivered in a fun, engaging and non-instructive way, is proven to build optimism and well-being in children. 

Learning how to cope with these issues and engaging in socially desirable behaviours will often generalise to other parts of a person’s life, giving children the skills to approach a range of challenges they will face in their lives in a positive and healthy way,” 

------- Associate Professor Erica Frydenberg (Psychology) of The University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education.

“Habitat Heroes is a fantastic resource. My students have loved navigating around the site and investigating each area that they come across. It is an enriching environment in which the students have fun, learn and also contribute to the world that they live in. We have used this site within our school as it integrates very well into our Inquiry investigations. It is an excellent tool to have and to be able to use in a classroom environment.”

--------- Lynn Foy, teacher, Skye Primary School 

Thank you so much for your gorgeous book. It looks amazing. I can’t wait to read it with my class. You have done such a brilliant job with it. I love it!

------ Teacher Mount Scopus Memorial College


“Habitat Heroes‘ ongoing development is being conducted in consultation with the DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) and aligned with the Victorian government’s ResourcSmart AuSSI, Vic framework, which supports all schools, whatever their stage of development, to join the sustainability journey.”

------- Conrad Remenyi, Senior Projects Officer, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (Australia)

“As a partner, Habitat Heroes brought support, expertise and new exciting methods to educate our students. Students are re-energisedthrough their resource. The diversity of its charity partnerships and resources provide valuable opportunities for our school. Habitat Heroes programs allow us to strengthen and embed a more consistent programs into both curricula and extra-curricula activities. Through Habitat Heroes, we have become the first (and leader) Australian school to become a member of the Green School Alliance. Habitat Heroes’ goals of bringing lessons from their website into every day actions provide boundless ways to re-invigorate the student body….. Anything that gives children an element of fun has to be worthwhile. They don’t actually know that they are learning.“

-------- Heather Bishop, Principal, Valkstone Primary School


The Habitat Heroes workshop was excellent. Kids can take their learning into their classrooms and home. Kids enjoyed themselves and learnt something along the way

------- Teacher, Mount Scopus Memorial College


"Habitat Heroes workshop was excellent. Hands-on then quiz - an element of competition always goes well."

----------Teacher, Eltham College


  “Looking like a Disney Playhouse wonderland, Habitat Heroes is a great starting place for fun mixed with meaningful discussions on a variety of environmental and eco subjects. As children grow with the game, they will walk away with environmental messages through the series of challenges.”

------- Washington Times

A new online adventure game for children makes learning about social and environmental issues fun. HabitatHeroes.comcombines online games, quizzes, activities and social networking to educate in a safe environment.”

-------- Education Review

"It seems like most children are hooked on video games but not many of them do much other then keep them out of your hair for a few hours. Habitat Heroes has children learning as well as having fun….. 

The main way of empowering is that it does translate from the computer screen to out of the classroom 

and at home. “

------- Christi Malthouse, 9AM (Australia TV show)

“Junior tree-huggers have a new tool in their planet-saving arsenal: Habitat Heroes, the first global social-networking Web site that brings eco-savvy kids together so they can share their ideas on protecting the environment, while learning about the issues at stake through interactive games and tools.”

--------- Treehugger

“Create an avatar from a list of endangered animal and play games, puzzles and quizzes. Best Bit so much fun to play and educational at the same time. Have fun! “ 

-------- Disney Adventures Magazine

“Kids can learn fun facts about the environment, play games, and chat on a new site, Habitat Heroes, a social network 

for young environmentalists.”

-------- Cookie Magazine


“Habitat Heroes is fun and I go to a lot of places and can even go back to where I live without leaving my room. My favorite game is the comic strip where you can make up your own comic strip.” 

------- KourtneyNash who stars as Mozambiqua in Transformers 2

“I totally love it”

------ Ellen, 10, ValkstonePrimary School

What is your favourite part of the site? “every single thing and the animals are so cute.”

-------- Sophie, 10, East Bentleigh

Do you like Habitat Heroes? “Yes, it’s Awesome!!!”

-------- Erin 9, Oakleigh

"i was just playing on your new website ands its amazing! and i am jessie the monkey"

---------- Sara 11, Utah

"Wow, I love your site! My animal is a panda and her name is Lola Panda. I'm going to tell all my friends about Habitat Heroes."

--------- Mia, 8


"The Habitat Heroes workshop was excellent and was fun because we got to do a quiz. We learnt all kinds of things in the workshops."

-------- Student, Eltham College


  “I signed my son up for the site and haven’t seen my laptop computer ever since!” 

-------- Beth Feldman, Role Mommy

“I know that not everythingcan (or has to be) educational, but when fun meets learning, we’re all happy.”

------- IddyBiddy Blog

“Absolutely love your site! ..... I wish you much success and plan to promote your site to several of our local school.  I really adore it....and I am jealous too”

------ Laura Caton, Parent - USA

"A great way to introduce endangered species and their environments to your kids! I read it to my 2 year old - the characters are all super cute (polar bears, squirrel monkeys, panda bears, etc) and, for every page, my little girl was "Who's that?" "What's it's name?" "What's it doing?" - which was pretty fun."

------ ekot,  Parent  - Los Angeles, USA

Making A Difference Day

 "I am delighted to be opening the Habitat Heroes Making A Difference Day.

Getting children involved in an issue that will affect their lives now and in the future, will not only help combat the global issue of Climate Change, but initiate greater discussions at a community level and in the home. 

The Climate Quilt initiative is a fine example of taking steps to address the issue of Climate Change in our community and schools."

Professor David de Kretser AC
Governor of Victoria


"I was involved in Habitat Heroes' Making a Difference Day which was run in the lead up to the Climate Change talks in Copenhagen. This event, for Year 5 students, was extremely engaging and resulted in the students feeling empowered that they could make a difference, particularly on a global scale. This was due to the event being extremely well organised and the involvement of special guests including the Governor of Victoria, representatives from the Climate Change Minster's Office and a wide range of interesting facilitators undertaking hands-on practical activities with the students. Well done, Habitat Heroes!"

----  Katherine Cocks
Environmental Education Officer
City of Stonnington