Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a DifferenceMaking a Difference

Habitat Heroes empowers and educates children about social and environmental issues in a fun format.

Caring About Animals Around The World. A story introducing threatened species and their habitats.

Book - Caring About Animals Around The World

A story introducing threatened species and their habitats

Caring About Animals Around The World takes children on a journey around the world guided by Jumoke Lion who visits his endangered animal friends who are taking different stances to save their species. It is a graphic, engaging book that empowers and engages children to grow up to be environmentally aware and socially responsible in a non-threatening manner. Our goal is to instill optimism about the future of our planet while inspiring positive actions. Habitat Heroes ethos is that it doesn't matter what social or environmental cause you are interested in there is a way of making a difference given the skills you have. All the animals around the world in this book show children that there are different ways of speaking up and helping the cause that speaks to them.


"Thank you so much for your gorgeous book. It looks amazing. I can't wait to read itwith my class. You have done such a brilliant job with it. I love it!"   

Mandi, teacher - Melbourne, Australia

"A great way to introduce endangered species and their environments to your kids! I read it to my 2 year old - the characters are all super cute (polar bears, squirrel monkeys, panda bears, etc) and, for every page, my little girl was "Who's that?" "What's it's name?" "What's it doing?" - which was pretty fun."

ekot,  Parent  - Los Angeles, USA

Available on Kindle & In Print!

Polly Polar Bear Earth Day Video

She's feisty, opinionated and oh so lovable. She's Polly Bear!  And she's here to tell kids about Earth Day and what they can do to SAVE THE PLANET.  The Habitat Heroes Crusader takes time away from her busy schedule to talk about the most important thing in our lives...  MOTHER EARTH! And if you watch the whole movie, you might even get to hear her famous roar. 

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Habitat Heroes has enrolled the expertise of experts all around the world who specialise in the various social and environemntal issues we address. 

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Habitat Heroes started out as a virtual world in 2008 educating primary school students about social and environmental issues in a fun game format.

Our Goals


 Is to empower and educate students in a way that resignates with them and is entertaining. We educate students about serious issues in a non-threatening manner.

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